As I write this month’s blog, I’m watching a combination of snow and rain fall outside my window. But I’m not complaining! Treacherous weather has been an infrequent visitor this season, we know we’ll be on the other side within a few weeks, and we certainly need the moisture.

But even as snowy, slushy roads melt away, other serious roadway risks remain. I won’t recap the numbers here. We all know too well that excess speed and distracted driving are pervasive on roadways across our state and nation and continue to contribute to high percentages of crash deaths and injuries.

Instead, in the spirit of spring and new beginnings, I’m entering April with great optimism. This month we’re launching not one, but two robust DriveSafeMN campaigns to give you the tools you need to educate, motivate and literally drive change. Our new “Do It for THEM,” campaign – an extension of last fall’s “Do It for ME” effort – reminds drivers that unsafe choices behind the wheel result in death or serious injury in a crash can mean a lifetime of heartache, economic impact and more.

Take a moment to check out these emotion-driven videos – suitable for presentations, your websites, lobby display screen and more – depicting the impact of a loved one’s disappearance from life’s celebrations and daily pleasures. I expect, like I did, you’ll find yourself getting choked up.

In addition, we’ve got great new materials focused on a special group of “thems,” our roadside workers in conjunction with national Work Zone Safety Week this April 15-19. Check out our new fact sheet, 5-Minutes for Safety talk, social media posts and more. We’ve also brought back our web-footed Instagram video star Ben Afquack who reminds us that Roadside Workers are Sitting Ducks.

With your help, we’ve got the opportunity to nurture new traffic safety behaviors. Join me in making this a season of optimism.

Yours in traffic safety,

Lisa Kons

Minnesota NETS Coordinator