Over many decades, countless enforcement leaders, government entities, safety organizations and employers have worked tirelessly to move our nation’s traffic fatality count in the direction it must go – to zero deaths. Unfortunately after years of consistent progress, that number is now headed in the wrong direction.

We’ve witnessed a  troubling resurgence over the last three years. The pandemic was clearly a catalyst as too many drivers saw reduced traffic levels to speed, often dramatically above he limit. But even as traffic has returned to more normal levels, fatal bad habits like excessive speed and distracted and impaired driving persist.

Consider these sobering statistics:

Traffic Fatalities in MN in 2021

In 1968 in Minnesota, there were 1,060 traffic fatalities. With a lot of work, by 2014 we’d gotten that down to 361, but for 2021, that tragic number climbed to nearly 500.

Motor Vehicle Crashes Deaths in 2021 Nationally

Nationally, 42,915 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2021, an increase of 10.5% over 2020.

These are not just numbers. They are loved ones and valued employees. We must turn the tide. That’s where you come in. Employers have always played an influential role in educating a significant portion of the driving public on traffic safety. You know very well that every death or injury to an employee or family member is not only a tragic event, it affects your ability to run your business.

 That’s why the Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety has launched DriveSafeMN, this new website dedicated to being a repository of turn-key resources help you educate your employees and provide them with information relevant to their families. We hope you’ll stop by often to access the latest in videos, fact sheets and other materials crafted with your employee team In mind.

We have a long road ahead of us to achieve the ultimate goal – zero deaths – but together we can make a difference in a way that saves lives.