Hands-on Traffic Safety Tools Available to Deliver Real-life Experience

Looking for a way to make safety risks real? We have a variety of resources available for your next safety meeting or other event that will drive home safe practices as well as the consequences of distracted and impaired driving, and much more.

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Hands-on Safety Tools


Two rounds of matching are played, while being timed. One without distraction and one while texting. Demonstrates what happens when performing multiple tasks (distraction).

Distracted Driving Activity Mat

This mat has graphics on one side depicting a rural town setting with streets, crosswalks, railroad crossings and other common town locations and roadway features. The challenge is to drive through the town using the steering wheel with a car to simulate a driving experience. Participants will take the first trek around distraction free and the second time around will be with their cell phone in one hand while texting.

Driving Simulator

This device simulates driving with multiple distractions including cell phone ringing, text messages arriving and children or pets running into the street as the user “drive” along city streets and highways. The computer tracks all mistakes and provides a detailed report during the session. Set up for use by one person requires a table (with a flat or smooth underside to attach the steering wheel), chair, electricity and driving simulator. Use must take place indoors due to computer screen.

Pedal Cars with Fatal Vision Goggles

Give participants a realistic driving experience. Employees, wearing fatal vision impairment goggles, pedal the car and navigate through the cones. Afterwards, discuss what they experienced and have them explore how they felt while driving the pedal car. Set up in a line with approximately 10 ft. distance between.

Bean Bag Toss with and without Fatal Vision Goggles

Demonstrate the effects of impairment, such as depth perception, coordination and balance while attempting to toss bean bags while wearing goggles. Afterwards, discuss what they experienced and have them explore how they felt while wearing the goggles and tossing the bags. Have them compare the difference with and without the goggles.

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