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Why should I invest in traffic safety if we don’t have a fleet?

Driving is one of the most dangerous things your employees do daily whether as part of their jobs, commuting or on personal time.  Even if your employee is involved in a crash out of work hours, it has a tangible economic, operational and emotional impacts on your business.

Why should I implement a traffic safety program?

Workplace traffic safety programs accomplish three things. Most important, they are proven to help save lives. Safety education also minimizes the risk of life-altering injuries. And they protect your most valuable asset – your employees.

What does Minnesota NETS offer?

We provide free education, training materials and many other resources to help you take on traffic safety issues. This includes fact sheets, webinars and videos on distracted driving, aggressive driving/speeding, passenger restraint, impaired driving and other transportation and driver safety topics. We work with key company employees, including risk managers, safety leaders and HR professionals, to build a company-wide driver and traffic safety programs.

Do these materials cost me anything?

No. These educational resources are free to you and your employees. This site is also accessible to the general public.

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