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If you’re doing, experiencing or ingesting anything that reduces
your driving capacity, you’re impaired and a risk behind the wheel.

Speed kills in Minnesota

Excessive speeds are deadly. Initial Minnesota numbers were 488 traffic fatalities in 2021 — the most since 2007 when 510 people died. A 100-day period in 2021 accounted for 167 of those fatalities. Learn more at Get the Facts: Speed Kills

Source: National Network for Employers for Traffic Safety study, March 2021

Vehicle crashes cost U.S. employers $72.2 million annually

Consider this:

  • A fleet of 1,000 vehicles averages costs of $1.1 million per year for property damage alone.
  • A single non-fatal injury crash has an average cost of $75,176.
  • A single fatal crash costs an average of $751,382.
  • A single crash that only causes property damage costs an average of $5,483.

Source: National Network for Employers for Traffic Safety study, March 2021

U.S. employees miss as many as 1.9 million workdays due to both on- and off-the-job vehicle crashes.

While companies can easily calculate costs of on-the-job vehicle crashes, the expense escalates when you factor missed worktime due to injuries and fatalities, not to mention the intangible impacts of lost knowledge and emotional pain.

Source: National Network for Employers for Traffic Safety study, March 2021

The top three causes of vehicle crashes today:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol

Source: National Network for Employers for Traffic Safety study, March 2021

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o What does a traffic-related crash cost your business? More than you may realize. Crashes – especially those with injuries and deaths – have far more than significant tangible costs and liability issues. They also affect your employees, their families and your organization in countless incalculable ways as you grapple with the emotional and operational aftermath.

o We’re here to help you change that. Welcome to Drive Safe Minnesota – your one-stop repository of information and resources to help employees stay safe on the road, strengthen your organization and reduce the rising economic impact and devasting human cost of traffic crashes.

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Impaired is Impaired

Recreational Marijuana

What will recreational marijuana legalization mean for Minnesota roads?

Marijuana possession by adults will be legal in Minnesota on August 1. What will that mean for you, your workers and others, especially when they get behind the wheel.

Stay tuned for upcoming webinar series that will tackle this new law.

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