Drive Safe Minnesota Resource Center

Building a strong safety culture requires keeping relevant messages in front of employees in a timely and meaningful fashion. Whether you’re looking for information for an all-company meeting or safety session, need to put the spotlight on a critical safety topic or want to introduce a new policy, we’ve got the tools you need.

Fact Sheets

Looking for a quick information take-home for your employee team or a new safety piece for your website? We’ve got dozens to choose from.


Bring the safety message to life through video. Our library features a broad range of informative and instructive videos on driving safety topics and more suitable for meetings, your website and other uses.

Five Minutes for Safety

Got five minutes? Share some safety. We’ve got outlines, the facts and the messages ready for you.

Sample Safety Policies

Ready to amp up your safety program? Check out these examples of plug-and-play policies on critical safety topics.

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