Many of us are scanning the greeting card racks right now for the right Valentine’s Day greetings for our loved ones. But this year why not save money on mass-produced greetings and go with a homemade card with a life-saving message like one of these:

  • My love for you burns hotter than any engine, but I’ll keep my foot off the gas for you, my Valentine. Every red light is a chance to imagine your sparkling eyes, and every stop sign a reminder to savor our journey together. Let’s cruise slow and steady, hand in hand, to happily ever after. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Your heart is my guiding star, and the only speeding I want to do is towards a lifetime together. Distractions fade beside your love, and every safe mile means more moments to hold you close.
  • My greatest Valentine’s wish? Your safe arrival. This holiday let’s make a pact: No phone, no rush, just the open road and the boundless love we share. Every time you buckle up, every time you resist the urge to speed, you say “I love you” in the strongest way. Let’s celebrate life by giving each other the gift of mindful driving.
  • This Valentine’s Day, let’s ditch the lead foot, stick with the speed limit and cruise on love instead. Every cautious turn, every patient stop, just proves we’re both headed in the right direction: towards endless happiness together. Many safe and happy miles, my Valentine!

Light-heartedness aside, what better gift can we give our significant others, our children, our friends, our colleagues and the thousands of strangers we encounter on the road than a commitment to keep them and ourselves safe? Along with a meaningful greeting card, why not add the gift of promising to avoid excess speed and distractions of all kinds when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re a parent, set a good example for your future drivers. And while employers don’t typically send their teams Valentine’s Day greetings, show you care about them and their loved ones with a brief traffic safety messaging that day.

Our gift to you on Valentine’s Day and every day is a box full of great educational tools at DriveSafeMN. And as we edge closer to spring, we’re preparing a new campaign that reminds us our loved ones count on us to return home to them. Watch for April’s launch of Do It for THEM, the continuation of our successful Fall 2023 Do It for Me campaign.

Life’s a road of endless miles, Best savored slow, with gentle smiles. With eyes on the road, and hands on wheel. We’ll show our love is truly real.

Yours in traffic safety,


Lisa Kons

Minnesota NETS Coordinator