We often think of August as the “lazy” days of summer. But if you’re in the traffic safety community, you know that the work to make our roads safer never ends.

That’s never been truer than it is this year. We have a lot going on here in Minnesota. On the downside, the epidemics of impaired and distracted driving and excessive speed persist. But on the plus side, we have a strong and growing community of employers, law enforcement and others committed to education and awareness that make a difference.

We’re now in the final month of the summer-long “Impaired is Impaired” campaign focused on the 100 Deadliest Days on our roads – Memorial Day through Labor Day. We’ve been delighted with the response and encourage you to use the many educational tools available on our website and to like and share our posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. It takes all of us to get these important messages out.

And there’s no question that Minnesota’s legalized recreational marijuana is on the minds of employers, law enforcement and others in our state. I’ve been busy doing trainings on this evolving topic and have been amazed by the turnout. Our three-part webinars series (yes it was recorded) drew more than 1,000 attendees.  If you’re looking for educational resources, be sure to check out the materials on DriveSafeMN.

With the arrival of fall – including shorter days and back-to-school as added driving risks – we’ll be launching a new campaign in partnership with State Farm. While our emphasis will be excessive speed and distraction, we’re taking an emotion-driving approach and reminding people that unsafe driving behavior can deeply affect the lives of loved ones. Watch for more about the “Do it for Me” campaign next month.

Enjoy the rest of this great Minnesota summer!

Yours in traffic safety,