October is a season of transitions, not to mention a literal time change as we turn our clocks back an hour and say farewell to Daylight Saving Time. And while most people’s thoughts go to costumes and pumpkin spice everything, those of us in the traffic safety world know what feels like a cozy season comes with volatility on our roadways.

Days are growing shorter, but leaves are still on many trees, creating very dark early evening conditions. Darkened roadways create playgrounds for deer. Darkness also makes it harder to see pedestrians, particularly children going to and from school or out in costumes on Halloween. And don’t forget freak October snowstorms. It’s clearly a time for fall and winter driving refreshers.

Drive Safe MN, our Minnesota NETS traffic safety resource site, has all the tools you need get these seasonal driving stories in front of employees and other audiences. Check out our Seasonal Safety Fact Sheets, webinars, tip sheets and more.

Unfortunately, changing seasonal conditions may not reduce the now year-round challenges of excessive speed and distracted driving. If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to explore  the “Do It for Me” campaign we launched last month with support from State Farm. The campaign features great resources to personalize the impact our own driving habits can have on our loved ones. Our PSA featuring Twin Cities celebrity (and mom) Sheletta Brundidge and her kids really deliver a “Do It for Me” message that would make an impactful start to a meeting, an attention-grabbing website or intranet post, or an engaging spot on a video information board.

Remember, slow down and pay attention. Your driving matters.


MN NETS Coordinator