Roundabout Safety

Join the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, enforcement agencies and other businesses throughout your community in the effort to promote safety and prevent crashes. Please utilize the following free resources and information to educate your employees and the community on the safe navigation of roundabouts:

How About a Roundabout Brochure

Additional Resources

  • Reduced Conflict Intersection Information & Video:
  • Brown bag lunch seminars focused on roundabout safety. Contact Lisa Kons.
    Host a roundabout traffic safety display in your lunch room or commons area.
  • Arrange for marquees or electronic sign boards at your local businesses or schools to carry roundabout information or messages.
    Sign up for construction updates to inform your employees of current activity in your area.
  • Free traffic safety resources from Minnesota NETS (posters, payroll stuffers, brochures, etc.) Use fax order form or submit online.
  • For more information contact Lisa Kons at 800-444-9150/651-228-7330 or
  • Partner with your local community organizations to arrange an educational campaign.
  • Copy and paste the links and information above into an e-mail to promote your business and your commitment to safety, your employees and your community.

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